Our Proprietary Product Range

Medicinal Cannabis Products

Manufactured in the UK under licence, our range of Medical Cannabis Products have been specially developed with our Research Partners Dutch Passion.

With carefully prepared formulations containing variations of the the two main Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API); THC and CBD. The packaging of these products is in line with both MHRA Rgulations and the UK Pharmacopeia monograph standards.

Full details of the product reticulations is available on request.


None Medicial Products

In line with Home Office Guidance, we also manufacture and supply a number of None Medicinal Cannabis (CBD) Products.

These products are high in Cannibidiol (CBD) but have been certified by our Labs to contain less that 0.2% THC in line with legal requirements.

You can buy these products without a licence from our online store.

Our Range

To make our product range easier to understand for patients, customers and healthcare professionals, we have colour coded them into 5 groups which indicate the general formulation and concentrations of API’s; the ratio between THC and CBD.

In addition to our Medicinal and None Medicinal Cannabis ranges we are developing a connoisseur Gold Bud Recreational product range. This range will focus more on taste and flavors as well as Cannabis content.

  • Yellow Bud Range - None Medicinal CBD > 0.2% THC
  • Orange Bud Range - Medicinal High CBD > 2% THC
  • Blue Bud Range - Medicinal CBD = THC balance
  • Red Bud Range - Medicinal THC < 15%, CBD > %2
  • Gold Bud Range - Recreational (not yet available)

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