CannaBliss® Sponsored Medical Cannabis Clubs

What is a Cannabis Club?

CannaBliss® is now sponsoring the creation of 70 Licecned Medicinal Cannabis Clubs across the UK.

Under the Medicinal Cannabis regulations, you can now get Medicinal Cannabis on prescription but in reality this likely to be limited to a very small minority of seriously ill patients.

For those of us wanting to self medicate or how are currently doing so illegally, the only other way to stay on the right side of the law is to apply for a Home Office licence.

If you want to buy licenced products from our shop you will be required to be a member of one of our clubs in your area. This will provide you with the Home Office licence you require.


MHRA Yellow Card

Your Health and Safety is not only paramount to us but also a priority. If we did not put the care of our patients and customers first we would not be in business.

For this reason, and in accordance with the new Medical Cannabis Regulations, each club will be working with the MHRA Yellow Card Scheme, for more information about the Yellow Card Scheme click here.

The Association of UK Cannabis Clubs

In response to calls from members of the public, senior police and law enforcement officers, patients and Medicinal Cannabis consumers, CannaBliss® is proud to be a founding member of the Association of UK Cannabis Clubs.

By supporting licensed access, the will perform a regulatory role and hopes to work in partnership with the MHRA in the application of its Yellow Card Scheme to ALL Cannabis Clubs.

To register your interest with your local Club, please check the map below for your nearest club.

A list of registered clubs will appear on this page very soon.


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