Our Story

Founder & CEO

CannaBliss® was founded in 2016 by Mike Dobson. Born in and raised in Preston; Mike is a true proud Lancastrian.

The picture you see here was taken next to a monument commemorating Preston’s Royal Market Charter, which was first granted by Henry II in 1179.

Following on in the great tradition of commercial enterprise and commerce, Mike has used his love for the UK’s Constitutional Laws & Customs to develop a unique business model to bring Licenced Medicinal Cannabis to thousands across the UK and Europe.

“Like my father before me, Horticulture is in my blood!”


Time for change

Having spent many years on the wrong side of the Law, Mike has no shame in telling us his story. After losing his father at a young age, Mike has used Cannabis for many years to help alleviate the symptoms of a condition that took his late father at the age of 28.

Having been in prison twice for cultivating his own Cannabis,  in 2016 he decide enough was enough and that it was time for a change.

“It is surprising how much of a motivator having your liberty taken away can be.”

“I have never really considered myself a criminal and when I discovered that you could get a licence to grow and supply Cannabis, I decided to make getting legal access my life’s work.”

Global Aspirations

CannaBliss® now stands in strong position to lead the emerging Medicinal Cannabis Market in the UK and Europe. Having taken the Home Secretary to court, Mike has now been successful in securing our MHRA and Home Office licencing.

Our group Corporate Headquarters are based in the Midlands.

We will rapidly expand our production facilities under a unique Franchise Scheme that is supported by our commercial partners.


Come meet us up close

Every one of our team members is devoted to delivering the finest possible products and servies to our customers and franchise clients.

John Keen

Licencing & Regulatory Compliance

For 10 years John has been a provider of ISO accreditation and training from his company RKMS Ltd. With experience working with local and national Governmental departments, he is well placed as our Regulatory Compliance Officer.

Mark Harris

Business Development

Mark is the owner and senior Executive at Licencing Profits Ltd; a franchise consultancy firm based in Greater Manchester.

Joining our team as principal Business Development and Franchise Sales Manger, Mark will be the first point of contact for our new franchisees.

Darryn Birchall

Co Founder & Franchise Manager

Darryn Birchall is one of the original founding partners at CannaBliss®. With a background in commercial rates valuation, he brings his passion for Cannabis to our team as our Franchise Operations Manager.

Abigail Bodilly

Club Manager and Compliance Officer

Abigail is both Mike’s business partner but and life partner and has helped bring a unique perspective to our business plan.

She works as our Licecned Cannabis Club Compliance Officer as Principal Licencee for over 50+ Registered UK CannaBliss Clubs.

She has also recently accepted a two year appointment as an Executive Director at the Association of UK Cannabis Clubs (AUKCC).


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