CannaBliss partners with leading Dutch Medical Cannabis breeder

Pioneers in Medical Cannabis

It is both and honour and a pleasure to announce that we are now working in partnership with world leading Medical Cannabis breeder, Dutch Passion®. Since 2016, Dutch Passion® have supported our model for regulated Medical Cannabis. Now they have committed to providing support to our Research and Development department as we move forward.

Under our unique model, we will be developing a range of Proprietary Medicinal Cannabis Products. All our products will be manufactured here in the UK at our GMP Certified Franchised production sites.

The perfect partner

For over 30 years, Dutch Passion® have been a global leader in Medical Cannabis breeding. Based in Amsterdam, they have developed a reputation for producing some of the worlds finest Medical Cannabis strains.

For us to produce Medical Cannabis,  we must conform to a number of strict regulatory regimes. In order to do that, we need high quality Proprietary Cannabis genetics. This is to ensure constancy of product.

The Medicinal Cannabis Clinicians Society


One of the key difficulties for clinicians and healthcare professionals moving forward will be understating the huge range of Medical Cannabis products that could be available to them.This is why we have created the Medicinal Cannabis Clinicians Society.

Porfessor Mike Barnes of the Medicinal Cannabis Clinicians Society

Last week saw thousands of people for all over the world descend on London for the European Cannabis Week Festival (ECW). Unlike anything ever seen in before, the ECW was networking event aimed at furthering the Medical Cannabis Market. With representatives from the worlds leading Medical Cannabis companies and leading high street banks, this was not a ‘stoner’ festival.

One of those in attendance was Medical Cannabis expert, Professor Mike Barnes. As a leading advocate of Medical Cannabis, Professor Barnes was in London to launch his new organisation; the Medicinal Cannabis Clinicians Society (MCCS).

The purpose of the MCCS is to provide professional guidance for Clinicians and Healthcare Professionals seeking advice on Medicinal Cannabis. Speaking at the event, Professor Barnes highlighted some of the key issues facing clinicians and how the Society proposes to address them. CannaBliss has given the MCCS its full support and hopes to join as the UK’s first Licecned Producer later this year.

This is huge step in the right direction and we look forward to working with MCCS as we move forward with Dutch Passion.

What products will be available?

This is a good question and one that hides a wider issue. Currently, there is much confusion in the UK as to what is meant by ‘Medical Cannabis’. Is it Cannabidiol (CBD) or Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) or both? The answer largely depends on who you ask.

The CannaBliss approach has always been simple and pragmatic; the law first, politics second. What we mean by this is that if you want to know the answer then go to the Law first. This is why in 2017 our founder, Mike Dobson, took the Home Secretary to court over Cannabis Licencing. His argument was that ALL forms of Cannabis, regardless of CBD or THC content, are illegal Class B drugs.

At the initial stage of the Judicial Review, Mr Dobson asked for a preliminary decision to be made on the issue of CBD. He had previously been refused a licence to produce and supply it here in the UK. In a defence statement lodged at the High Court, the Home Secretary stated no forms of Cannabis are legal and this includes CBD. The CBD market is a regulatory nightmare that requires urgent attention.

So, we will be manufacturing two distinct product ranges – Medical and None-Medical. None-Medical products will be those that contain CBD exclusively. Our Medicinal range will contain both CBD and THC and will require a licence to be purchased.

[The Home Office] consider Cannabidiol (CBD) to be a class B drug and it is therefore subject to the same restrictions and controls as any other form of Cannabis.

Home Secretary Mr Savid Javid

Helping to guide policy development

We understand the complex issues surrounding cannabis legalistion and CBD regulation. This is why we are now playing a leading role in policy development. Over the next few weeks, we will be finalising our submission to the review being conducted by the National Institute in Clinical Excellence (NICE).  This will include a number of our own recommendations which are rapidly gaining approval by Government and Law enforcement agencies.

By engaging with, rather than protesting against, the Government, we are now finally seeing our dream become a reality – a regulated Cannabis market in the hands of Government and regulated businesses where the rights of patients and the consumer are put first.

The law is always clear and unequivocal, even when politics isn’t.

Light at the end of tunnel

Someone once said to me “there is always light at the end of the tunnel, what’s most important is which direction you are heading”. We still have a long way to go, but, we can definitely say that we are now heading full steam towards the light at the end of that tunnel!

We strongly urge all those who are engaged in the Medical Cannabis market (producers and consumers) to get involved. Now is the time to make your voice heard! Over the next few months we will be releasing more information about our product range and how you will access them.

We continue to work closely with the MHRA, the Home Office and NICE.

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