Medicinal Cannabis is Our Mission

Here at CannaBliss we believe that everyone should be able to access to Medicinal Cannabis. For this reason, we have developed our unique business model to help make this happen.

Since our incorporation in 2016, we have been working closely with both our commercial partners and Government Departments in order that we fulfill this vision.

We are now registered with the UK Medicine’s and Healthcare Regulatory Agency (MHRA) as a Medicinal Cannabis manufacturer and over the next 12 months we will be securing  a number of production sites across the UK and Europe.

We hope you will join us on this journey as we become the first UK company dedicated to producing Medicalal and None Medical Cannabis.


Our Model

No one likes to see a friend or family member suffering, which is why we want to make it easier for adults in the UK, and Europe, to gain access to Medicinal Cannabis. We believe the only way this can be achieved is under a Personal Possession Licence.

2018 saw the UK Home Secretary issue the first Cannabis Possession Licence to enbable lawfull access to medical Cannabis.

It is our goal to see licencing extended so that adults can buy Medicinal Cannabis without the need for NHS or Private Prescriptions.To purchase our Medicinal Cannabis products you will need to be a member of one of our Licenced Cannabis Clubs.

Our Process

From Seed to Sale, we control every part of the production process. This ensures that we can guarantee the highest quality Organic Products for our customers and patients.

Grown indoors using the latest hydroponic horticultural techniques, our process is continuously monitored to ensure consistency with both Governmental Regulations and our own Corporate Polices.

Licenced by both the MHRA and the UK Home Office, our manufacturing process is both GMP and GDP Certified.


Our Products


Medicinal Cannabis

Under new UK Regulations, Cannabis Based Products for Medicinal use in Humans (CBMP) can now be supplied either by prescription or under licence.

We produce a variety of CBMP’s or Medicinal Cannabis, under our MHRA Manufacturing Licence so you can be assured of consistency, quality and legality.

Find out more here.

None Medicinal Cannabidiol (CBD) products

In addition to our Cannabliss Medicinal Cannabis products, we also produce a rage of None Medical Cannabidiol (CBD) Products that can be bought over the counter with prescription of licence.


Medicinal Cannabis Vaporizers

For use with both our Medicinal and None Medicinal product ranges, we stock now a range of high quality Medicinal Cannabis vaporizers from the world’s leading manufacturers.

These products have been specifically developed for use with Medicinal Cannabis products to ensure the most effective Cannabinoid delivery.


Our News

Enviromental Responsibility

Here at CannaBliss we believe everybody has a responsibility to look after the place we all call home. We take our own environmental responsibility seriously which is why we have developed our Environmental Responsibility Policy. Everything we do, from washing our hands to delivering your product, is done in accordance with this policy. We want you to take us seriously at what we do. We can’t expect you to do that if WE are not serious about everything we do! This is why we are working towards ISO 50001 Energy Management Accreditation.

We only have one chance at this, so lets get it right!!

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